Monday, December 24, 2018

Ep. 458: The Long Ranger Part 1 - Justin Simoni

Part 1

Justin Simoni is synonymous with "pure adventure."  This guy's self-powered running, cycling, and climbing trips are mind-bending in difficulty and require unbelievable mental endurance. He's well known for riding a bike to and climbing all of Colorado's 14ers in one fell swoop back in 2014.  However, a few years later, that wasn't enough. This led him to bike to and climb Colorado's highest 100 peaks, nearly doubling the mountains climbed in his 14ers achievement. I hope you enjoy our two-part conversation on adventures and how he makes them happen. 

Merry Christmas!

Justin wanted to thank these sponsors: Ultimate DirectionSurly BikesColorado Mountain ClubORSierra Designs, and La Sportiva.

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