Ep. 536: Building the First Climbing School in Iraq - Ryan Shuler and Milosz Pierwola

Imagine taking the adventure sport you love and being among the first to teach that sport in a part of the world that hasn't been possible until recently. That’s exactly what adventurer Milosz Pierwola and veteran Ryan Shuler are accomplishing in Iraq. Their plan is to build the first climbing school in Iraq in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish Mountains. They’re fundraising to gather professional climbing equipment as well as build a climbing wall with local aspiring climbers, who have self-learned to climb solely from videos found on the internet. I hope you enjoy the story behind this epic project!Also, if you can, get involved!From the project’s website:“Our project will establish the first climbing school in the country of Iraq, creating gateways where a culture once saw barriers, through their indomitable mountains. Classes will focus on rock climbing and mountaineering skills that will enable expeditions to discover the as of yet unclimbed local peaks. The program wil…

Ep. 535: Taking Opportunities to Adventure as a Lifestyle - Andy Stout

Andy is what I call a serial adventurer. It’s more of a lifestyle than it is one particular trip that creates his “story”. His ability to make the world his playground is envious, but it’s his charming and genuine demeanor that helps you understand his thirst for adventure in new places is who he is and where he’s happiest. Andy is one of those guys that helps us all see that the world is not as bad as some folks would want us to believe. Andy has the traveling chops to prove it as he’s visited over 60 countries and has lived and worked all over the world.
Recently he biked across the US to raise awareness for brain cancer, the condition that took his father not long ago. That’s going to be a large part of the subject of our interview. There are incredible stories of generosity, hope, and grit. Keep shining on, Andy. I know your dad is proud!
Cross Country Bike Ride // Brain Cancer Awareness // Maine to California // A Stout Ride

Ep. 534: One Family's Survival of a Plane Crash in the Mountains Revisited - Brian Brown

Originally Published December 1, 2016From the book summary:When a family outing in a private plane takes a tragic turn, a Memorial Day trip becomes an unforgettable 15 hours of danger, rescue efforts, and miracles.On a clear Saturday morning, professional fire captain and private pilot Brian Brown, his wife, and younger daughter headed out in their Cessna Sky Hawk for a weekend with their elder daughter. But unexpected severe conditions send the craft into the treacherous War Eagle Idaho mountainside…a remote place that would make communication and rescue nearly impossible―if they survived.This captivating story, featured on The Today Show, is about a family in crisis, emergency plans for survival, and the incredible orchestration of local, state, and national rescue workers who brave unpredictable obstacles to accomplish the unimaginable.An intriguing account of faith and courage reminds readers that one's darkest hour can become the landscape for miracles to unfold. Facebook: Re…

Ep. 533: Adventure Bowhunting Around the World - Eyad Yehyawi

Happy late Father’s Day everyone!"Eyad Yehyawi has been bowhunting for nearly thirty years, traveling across the United States, Canada, and Africa. A naturalist long before he was a bowhunter, Eyad’s passion for the outdoors dates as far back as he can remember. While majoring in biology at Quincy University, he worked in conservation and wildlife management before deciding to pursue interests in health care. Many of these stories and photos have appeared in magazines includingBow & Arrow Hunting,Bowhunter,Bowhunt America, andOutdoor Life. Eyad currently lives in Iowa with his wife and children, where he practices optometry."From his website: www.crimsonarrows.comHis book: credit hereAthletic Brewing Company is a pioneer in craft non-alcoholic beer. They make great-tasting beer for the healthy, active, modern adult. Athletic uses certified all organic grains and only 50-70 calories a ca…

Adventure Grant Winner Announcement

Listen in to see who gets $1,000 to go towards their 2019 adventure....Thank you to @athleticbrewing For making this a reality and supporting adventure athletes all around the world.Also, thank you to everyone that applied!We look forward to doing this again next year!
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Ep. 532: Breaking Free from Spreadsheets to Handcraft Wooden Paddle Boards - Tony Smith

It’s not easy leaving something secure to go after something so uncertain. However, that’s one of the necessary ingredients to have a true adventure. Tony Smith knew that when there was sawdust left in his hair during a work meeting after working on his passion for crafting over a lunch break, it was time to take a leap. He left a stable career to jump full-time into handcrafted wooden paddle boards but gave himself the deadline to try it for a year.  With a young family and no real certainty it would work out, the journey of building Jarvis Boards was truly an adventure of a lifetime. Today, 5 years into the adventure, Jarvis Boards is still going strong and getting more and more publicity. Today, we talk to Tony to get a feel for what it was really like to make the leap, the reality of risk when doing what you love for a living, and the highs and lows of growing upon a new and solid foundation.Enjoy!www.jarvisboards.comInstagram:@JarvisBoardsFacebook:@JarvisBoardsPhoto credit hereAt…

Ep. 531: Overlanding Full-Time with the Family Revisited - Luisa & Graeme Bell

Five years ago Luisa and Graeme Bell, along with their kids, Keelan and Jessica, set out to explore the African continent via Overland vehicle. After that epic journey, it only took a few days of being home in South Africa to realize that they needed to continue their adventure.So they put their existing lives aside, purchased a 2009 Land Rover Defender 130, and outfitted it for full-time living. Then the roaming began.Their travels have taken them around the African continent nearly twice, up through South and Central America, and winding them through the United States, Canada, and Alaska.We've caught up with them while they are house sitting in Baja Mexico. Listen in to hear how they do it and what experiences they've had so far!

Facebook: @a2aexpedition
Instagram is @graeme.r.bell
"We Will Be Free" book -!author/c16nkPhoto credit hereAthletic Brewing Company is a pioneer in craft non-alcoholic beer. They make …