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Ep. 710: Fire Lookout Tower Adventures - Revisited - Amber Casali

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired May 7, 2018 On today's show, Amber Casali joins Curt to fill us in on everything we didn't know about fire lookout towers. Born and raised in Seattle, Amber Casali considers herself a stereotypical Pacific Northwesterner, someone who loves the outdoors and relishes the natural beauty of our region. She has summited Mount Adams, Mount Baker, and Mount Rainier; section hiked most of Washington’s PCT, including six days solo in Glacier Peak Wilderness; successfully taken the Washington Alpine Club’s Basic Climbing and Mountaineering course; and she has recently become certified in Wilderness First Aid, through NOLS. Stay tuned. This show has some really interesting information you don't want to miss! Book: " Hiking Washington Fire Lookouts " Want to feel more energized, join a fun community, and stay healthy through a variety of online classes? Join "First Class Special" is only $5!

Ep. 708: From Rock Bottom to the Seven Summits - Revisited - David Mauro

Powered by RedCircle When David Mauro was in his forties, his life hit rock bottom. With nothing to lose, he left everything he knew behind and set out on an epic international adventure. For the next seven years, Dave trudged across glaciers, frozen wastelands and through dense, dangerous forests. He communed with penguins and elephants, kept company with cannibals and gunrunners, and spoke with the dead. And though he’d never been a climber, he ended up joining history’s courageous few when he ascended into the clouds to stand at the summit of Mt Everest. Facebook: Instagram:  @davidjmauro YouTube: Twitter:  @davidj_mauro Make sure you check out David's book too! "The Altitude Journals" at;

Ep. 707: Cleaning 12,000 Pounds of Trash Out of the Ocean, and Counting - Andrew Otazo

Powered by RedCircle We all know that “nature may heal and give strength to body and soul”, as John Muir said. I’m sure most all of you have experienced the power of spending time in nature.  But what about when nature itself is wounded with trash and marred with the scars that humans have inflicted on it?  Just as nature can heal and empower us, are we able to return the favor?  Meet Andrew Otazo. He’s on a mission to completely clean Southwest Florida one piece of trash at a time and give strength back to nature by removing what shouldn’t be there.  I hope Andrew inspires you to take action in your own backyard.  Instagram:  @andrewotazo YouTube channel:  SFL Nature   Get a 15% off discount code for a pair of bone-conducting Aftershokz headphones by visiting

Ep. 706: Crossing Death Valley on Foot - Ashly Winchester

Powered by RedCircle Ashly is no stranger to going out on a limb to follow a crazy idea. From driving 15+ hours through the night to climb a mountain, to leaving her stable career to become a freelance writer, she’s at home in the world of taking chances.  This love of adventure has led her to be the world’s leading women for total ‘fastest known times’, or FKTs, a challenge to do an outdoor route or trail faster than anyone has done it before. To date, she has 39 of these records with no other woman in the world having more. Her most recent FKT attempt was to cross, on foot, 165-miles of the arid moonscape that is Death Valley. The journey was treacherous and beautiful. It was everything in one. The challenges she faced out there were not what you would expect from a desert either.   Follow what Ashly is doing: @ashly.winchester @womxnofthewild Her FKT profile  here

Ep. 705: Cycling Around the World in 80 Days - Mark Beaumont

Powered by RedCircle Growing up on a farm in Scotland and being homeschooled until the age of 12 isn’t exactly the childhood you’d expect from an accomplished world-traveling adventurer that Mark has become.  Or is it?  Today we get to hear Mark put together the pieces of his earliest motivations, his two circumnavigations of the world by bicycle, and the idea behind his latest book,  Endurance: How to Cycle Further . Other accomplishments by Mark (not exhaustive) Recipient of the British Empire Medal Bicycled around the world twice The fastest being 79 days, a Guinness World Record Bicycled from Anchorage Alaska to Ushuaia Argentina Bicycled from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa in 42 days (world record) Find out more about Mark: @mrmarkbeaumont His book: Endurance: How to Cycle Further

Ep. 704: Exploring an Underwater Airplane Graveyard - Revisited - Brandi Mueller

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired January 7, 2019 Today’s guest, Brandi Mueller, is an avid diver and underwater photographer. She’s dived in over 30 countries and works as an instructor for much of the year. Her passion for diving is infectious and her expertise has been featured in dozens of publications all over the world. Recently, she co-authored a book about her experience diving to see an underwater airplane graveyard where 150 American airplanes were dumped at the end of WWII in the lagoon of Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands. The haunting pile of flightless planes were surprisingly photogenic and getting the location was half the adventure. Enjoy! The book, now available: The Airplane Graveyard: The Forgotten WWII Warbirds of Kwajalein Atoll @brandi_underwater

Ep. 703: How Used Gear Can Help Make Your Next Adventure Happen - Chap Grubb

Powered by RedCircle We don’t talk about gear a lot on this show, but when we do, we want to make sure we talk about how the right gear can help you have the best possible stories and greatest adventure experience without breaking the bank. Today we have Chap Grubb from talking about his adventure background and why he’s passionate about helping folks find the right used gear for them. FB & IG - Twitter -  @getrerouted  &  @chap_chats

Ep. 702: The Trans America Bike Race - Revisited - Felix Wong

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired Nov 3, 2016 The Trans America Bike Race is a 4200 mile, 3+ week, self-supported bike race starting in Astoria, OR and ending in Yorktown, VA. Felix Wong from Fort Collins, CO competed in the Trans Am in 2015 and finished 8th overall and was the 3rd American. Listen in to find out all about this amazing race! Twitter:  @_FelixWong Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Ride the Divide Documentary:

Ep. 701: Finishing the Appalachian Trail - Alex “Armadillo” Dyson

Powered by RedCircle We caught up with Alex halfway through the Appalachian Trail back in late summer for  episode 674 . Today we have Alex back on to share what it was like finishing the second half of the trail.  At the time of the recording, he had been home for three weeks and was slowly getting used to daily life again. Enjoy! Follow Alex on Instagram:   @mediocremountaineer Learn more about Athletic Brewing's award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer at

Ep. 700: Two-Time Olympic Skier - Kaylin Richardson

Powered by RedCircle The rugged mountains of Utah, Colorado, and California are usually the homes of the names we see every four years on some of the biggest slopes and stages at the Winter Olympics.  That wasn’t the case for Kaylin. She cut her teeth on a 125 ft. hill in Minnesota, mastering the fundamentals. From those humble beginnings, she advanced her skills enough to represent the U.S. Olympic team twice! It took living a life without compromise for her to reach the heights she has. Since her “retirement” at 25, she has pursued other interests like being a mom and being featured in eight Warren Miller ski films.  Her story is inspiring and her love for the winter will get you excited for the season! Her Instagram:  @kaylinrichardson Shop Athletic Brewing's award-winning non-alcoholic beer  here . 

Ep. 699: Visiting Every National Park in One Year - Andy Magee

Powered by RedCircle Amid a massive government shutdown, travel companies going out of business, and a myriad of unforeseen circumstances, Andy Magee successfully visited all 418 national park sites starting January 1, 2019 and finishing December 31, 2019.  Traveling thousands of miles around the country, Andy got a cross-section example of who and what America is in a sense that few can relate to. His stories are amazing and his reflections will inspire you to get out there and visit the nearest National Park site near you. Be sure to take a look at his incredible photos from the journey. Instagram:  @418parks Facebook:  @418Parks Image from Facebook

Ep. 698: The Rise of Backcountry Skiing - Andrew Drummond

Powered by RedCircle The mountains of New Hampshire have brought many exciting experiences to Andrew Drummond. Growing up in the area Andrew has been training his whole life, without knowing it, to be a defining source of knowledge, gear, and stoke for backcountry skiing in the Northeast. After stints skiing and surfing out west, even going up to Alaska to alpine tour, Andrew was ready to come home and spread the stoke in his own backyard.  After refamiliarizing himself with the White Mountains that he still calls home, the constant questioning from like-minded folks wanting to know the best places to go just off the beaten path, as well as folks wanting to dip their toes in this new backcountry craze, led Andrew down a path he never thought he’d lead...retail.  Having opened his shop,  Ski the Whites , to help satiate the area’s needs, the growth of community and adventure has only risen as well. Now outfitting folks for skiing, biking, and runnings, the shop has even begu

Ep. 697: Adventure Racing Legends - Travis and Mark Macy

Powered by RedCircle When Mark Macy was reluctantly pulled in to race the very first   Eco-Challenge   back in 1995 by a friend, he had no idea what was about to happen and how it would shape his life forever.  That first haphazard attempt at adventure racing began a lifelong pursuit of mastering multi-day adventures, competing in every Eco-Challenge that followed, and accumulating wins and awards from races in every corner of the globe.  Having watched his father compete in these epic events, it was no surprise that Travis not only followed but excelled in his father’s footsteps. Since those early days, Travis has made quite the name for himself in the adventure/ultra racing community and even authored  The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life . Unfortunately, Mark was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years back, but that hasn’t stopped the two from doing amazing things together. In fact, the father/son

Ep. 696: Ocean Rowing Race Across the Atlantic - Update - Team Latitude35

Powered by RedCircle   Todd from  team Latitude35  is joining us today via satellite phone to give us an update on the team’s race across the Atlantic Ocean via rowboat. They’re currently in second place with less than a week to go!  Just a few days after this call the team experienced one of the most bizarre and wild mishaps I’ve ever heard of. Listen to the episode to hear what happened… Let’s wish them luck and a continued safe journey to the finish line in Antigua.  Follow their progress by downloading YB Races app and  @at35atlanticchallenge2020 Learn more about Athletic Brewing's award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer at .

Ep. 695: Walking Across Australia With Five Wild Camels - Sophie Matterson

Powered by RedCircle After needing a break from her career in film and TV, Sophie took a very fortuitous turn in her life by finding the most random job she could, milking camels. If you didn’t realize camels could be milked, neither did I.  To make a long story short, Sophie fell in love with camels and never went back to her old career. Her ongoing 5-year passion for camels has taken her to places like The Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre and The Tirari Desert, Uluru, Michigan USA, Texas, and Rajasthan India.  At some point in the pursuit to learn more about these amazing creatures, Sophie got the idea to cross Australia on foot while being accompanied by 5 wild (or “feral”) camels. This would not only entail catching and taming 5 out of upwards of a million wild camels that roam Australia but also walking thousands of kilometers across the vast and void Australian Outback. Keep in mind, Australia is the geographic size of the US with 1/10th of the population. A wild idea indee

Ep. 693: World Towning - Jessica & Will

Powered by RedCircle In 2014, Jessica and Will decided a “normal” life in Boston wasn’t enough for their family of four. After several potential ex-pat experiences fell through with Will’s job, the family had an appetite to try something new. That idea? Instead of calling one place home why not call the whole world “home”?  To dip their toes into this way of living they spent a year in Costa Rica, then a year in Educator, and 9 months in France. Those first few years included experiences like hiking the Inca Trail, traveling around the Galapagos Islands, and dance classes deep in the Costa Rican rainforest.  To continue explorings their new “town” they hopped into an RV and visited every country in Europe for another two and a half years while homeschooling their kids, completing a thru-hike of the Camino De Santiago.  Now that COVID has interpreted the original plan of traveling around Asia, the family is taking to the seas to experience life aboard a sailboat while growin

Ep. 692: Running Across the Sahara Desert - Ray Zahab

Powered by RedCircle Soon after turning 30, Ray, a self-described “two pack a day smoker”, was tired of the direction his life was heading. His younger brother, who was pursuing a healthier lifestyle, was his inspiration to make a change.  Ray quickly set his eyes to try to complete a 100-mile ultramarathon. He won.  Within the next few years he put his life on a trajectory of adventures and purpose, combining feats as large as running across the Sahara Desert and taking scores of young adults on adventures through founding , an organization that aims to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, inclusion, and participation in expeditions. Image from

Ep. 690: Crossing the 20 Largest Glaciers In The World - Vincent Colliard

Powered by RedCircle Vincent is joining us from Norway to discuss his and Børge Ousland’s journey to cross the 20 world's largest glaciers in what they are calling the IceLegacy Project, a way for them to share to the world the need to preserve these special places.  From “Glaciers are in fast decline due to rising temperatures, causing threat of long-term sea-level rise. They are crucial as a freshwater source for millions of people worldwide. This is why glaciers need to be better known, considered, and protected. The world needs to find technical and political solutions to the environmental crisis. This long-term expedition is meant to be an incubator to that process, a visual example, and a window to what is happening. The project combines athletic prowess, human adventure, and the sharing of knowledge about the polar environment with as many people as possible, so that future generations may enjoy the fascinating and priceless legacy of glaciers and

Ep. 689: Preparing to Row Across the Atlantic Ocean - Team Latitude 35

Powered by RedCircle Today we’re catching up with the team Latitude 35 who are competing in the 2020 Talisker Whiskey Challenge, a 3,000+ mile row across the Atlantic Ocean starting December 12.  Dixon, Jono, Todd, and Jimmy will be rowing their 28-foot ocean rowing vessel where they will live, eat, sleep, “shower”, row in 2-hour shifts around the clock until they reach the finish line in Antigua.  There are up to 30 teams from around the world joining the challenge. With that many miles, social distancing won’t be a problem.  Hear how the team is preparing for such a crazy adventure and how they plan to pull off a victory, without compromise.  To follow the race, download the  YB tracking app .  To follow their Instagram:  @lat35atlanticchallenge2020 The Team:  @dixonofficial   @tjhooper1 @jonomawson @jimmyalexandercarroll Find out more about Athletic Brewing at