Ep. 666: Sailing & Kiteboarding in the Caribbean - Captain Steve Hooker

Powered by RedCircleSteve Hooker is as Aussie as they come. His distinct accent and witty humor will have you hanging off his every word. Steve runs the only kiteboarding charter boat in the Caribbean, sharing his amazing lifestyle with people from around the world who have a passion for adventure and kiting! Together with his partner Monika, they have kite-surfed in some of the most epic locations on earth. Their adventure started in Greece in 2006 and since then they have sailed over 8000 nautical miles aboard their catamaran named Groovy. Steve can speak about his love for all things kiting, his adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, and his future plans to cross the Pacific. He can share what it’s like making a living on the water and how he’s managed to create his lifestyle of freedom and adventure. Find out more at

Ep. 665: Life Strategies For Long-Term Vagabonding - Revisited - Rolf Potts

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired October 16, 2018Today's episode features the man who wrote 'the book' on the philosophy of long-term travel, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel.Being one of my biggest inspirations, it was an exciting episode to record! Rolf's travel writing has appeared in National Geographic TravelerOutsideSalon.comSlate.comThe Guardian, and World Hum.When not traveling Rolf spends his time on a plot of land in rural Kansas. you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.

Ep. 664: Coast-To-Coast Bike Relay Update - Julie Engler

Powered by RedCircleMason is still out on the road so today we’re doing another update from our ongoing coast-to-coast bike relay from our Connecticut to our San Diego brewery. Athletic Brewing Ambassador, Julie Engler, joined the ride for our Wyoming portion. The route she’s riding is much different than the one she trained for. Find out what it has been like for her to learn to let go of plans and take on adventures, wherever they might lead. You can find out more about our cross-country journey here. You can find out more about and donate to Julie’s fundraising efforts for Wyoming Pathways here.Visit to find out more about their award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer.If you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.

Ep. 663: Avalanche Safety Expert - Brian Lazar

Powered by RedCircleWhile Mason is still out on the road finishing up the coast-to-coast bike adventure, previous Adventure Sports Podcast host, Curt Linville, will take over again today.Brian has been working in the field of snow and avalanches for the last couple decades. He began backcountry skiing in Colorado as a college student, and later as a mountain guide; and as an avalanche educator, curriculum developer, and as former Executive Director with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), and member of the American Avalanche Association Education Committee.After a decade or so of guiding and teaching in a variety of snow climates on both sides of the equator, Brian returned to graduate school where he earned an MS in Engineering, studying snow and ice mechanics in Alaska’s Chugach, and conducting research at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.He worked for many years as a consultant to the ski industry, investigating snowpack runoff and potent…

Ep. 662: Kayaking the 1,200-Mile Inside Passage - Revisited - Susan Marie Conrad

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired May 20, 2019After spending 20 years in the kayaking industry, Susan was ready for a new challenge. Having the experience, the opportunity in life, as well as much of the gear from years of guiding, the Inside Passage along the western coast of Washington, British Colombia, and Alaska seemed like an adequate way to shake her life up.Susan is a wonderful storyteller and we get a first-hand account of the life-changing expedition that only few can ever dream of achieving. From bears to storms to the friendliest of people, this adventure has it all.Enjoy!Susanmarieconrad.comHer book: Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside PassageFacebook: @susanmarieconradInstagram: @susanmarieconradTwitter: @SusanMConradIf you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 661: Mountain Biking With Hustle Bike Lab Co-Founders - Craig Payne & Tyler Scott

Powered by RedCircleWhile Mason is still out on the road driving support for a bike across America, Curt Linville is filling in again with a new episode!Today Curt talks about thrills and spills and new technology that has grown out of such experiences. If you love mountain biking, then this episode is for you. If you don't, then you might by the end of the show! Listen in as Craig Payne and Tyler Scott share their love for the sport and how they're building Hustle Bike Labs.Instagram: @hustlebikelabshustlebikelabs.comIf you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 660: Coast-To-Coast Bike Relay Update - Mason Gravley

Powered by RedCircleIn today's episode Mason is sharing updates from the bicycle relay from Stratford, Connecticut to San Diego, California with Athletic Brewing. The team is currently in Omaha, Nebraska.Find out more here:

Ep. 659: Mountain Town Living - Tanner Whiteford & Curt Linville

Powered by RedCircleSince I (Mason) am still out on the road coordinating a cross-country bike relay previous host, Curt Linville, decided to come back and help out! You check out his newest project's guest, Tanner Whiteford. Tanner is an adventure sports enthusiast who moved to the Gunnison/Crested Butte Valley from North Carolina to "go to college" while pursuing adventure. He spends a lot of time on his mountain bike and on the rivers but his biggest love is big mountain ski mountaineering. Curt and Tanner talk about living in a mountain town and making an adventurous lifestyle work, even when there are significant challenges.Toward the end, Tanner provides a plug for ICELAB where he works. ICELAB stands for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Lab. It provides a shared workspace and many entrepreneurial programs to help startups and small businesses in the small town, mountain setting.Instagram @whitefordsworldIf you’re ready to have your…

Ep. 658: Combining Bikepacking and Mountaineering on the Pan-American Highway - Karl Kroll

Powered by RedCircleKarl has adventured all over the world but for the last 14 months he's been bike touring the Pan-American Highway from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. He's also combing his love for bikepacking/bike touring with his love of mountaineering. He's joining us today from his home in Minnesota while he waits to get back out on the road and back to the mountains!To find out more about Karl:Instagram - @Where_is_KarlYouTube - Karl KrollCheck out more about my (Mason) adventure here: links:If you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 657: Bikepacking the Ecuadorian Andes - Revisited - Maggie Burke & Uriel Eisen

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired September 28, 2017Uriel Eisen and Maggie Burke made their own Bikepacking bags and tent to go bikepacking in the Ecuadorian Andes. There were a lot of unknowns going in. Neither of them spoke much Spanish and neither of had done much high altitude activities. It was challenging at times with brutally rugged terrain, but the friendly people and the grandeur of the Andes made it incredibly rewarding for these two! Check it out.Uriel's Site: www.urieleisen.comUriel Instagram:'s email: mgkburke@gmail.comMore Resources at

Ep. 656: Using Adventure Sports to Change the World - Billy Starr

Powered by RedCircleWhen Billy’s mother, Betty, was diagnosed with cancer he decided to return home to Massachusetts instead of leaving for his climbing trip to Nepal. Billy had just graduated from college in Colorado and the world was seemingly his oyster. As his mother’s cancer worsened, those free-spirited experiences became less and less important and were ultimately replaced with grief after Betty tragically passed away from cancer in 1974. After floundering a few years and wondering how to process the grief, Billy’s desire to “do something” continued to grow. He took action in 1980 by organizing the first Pan-Mass Challenge as a way to make sense of the grief and carry on the legacy of his mother. The challenge would be to ride a bicycle across Massachusetts and raise money for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Foundation. 36 people joined that first year and they raised $10,000. The PMC was born. As founder and executive director of the Pan-Mass Challenge for over 40 years, Billy …

Ep. 655: How to Adventure After Having Kids - Revisited - Kathy Dalton

Powered by RedCircleOriginally airedApril 23, 2018If you have children and you feel as though your adventurous lifestyle is on hold, this is your episode. Curt and fellow podcaster Kelly Dalton have a discussion that is guaranteed to inspire you to get those kiddos into the outdoors and let them experience adventure. The two hosts share what they've learned from slowing down some and adapting their adventure lives to a kid-sized adventure and how much it has taught them as adults.
You can find out more about Kathy on her podcast GoAdventureMom here:https://www.goadventuremom.com

Ep. 654: The Backyard Adventurer - Beau Miles

Powered by RedCircleBeau has an incredible eye for turning the ordinary into extraordinary adventures. His stories, films, and upcoming book, The Backyard Adventurer, will make you want to get out of your chair and do something “different”. His projects are simple but profound. From deciding to walk to work, to making an office out of junk material, to kayaking across the Bass Straight from Australia to Tanzania, Beau’s outlook is a mix of Thoreau, Kerouac, with a lot more comedic relief!Please be sure to check out his very entertaining YouTube channel here.His book, The Backyard Adventurer, will be coming out March 1, 2021. Preorder it here: www.beaumiles.comInstagram: @beauismsFacebook: @beaumilesfilmIf you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 653: Backpacking Legend - Revisited - Andrew Skurka

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired March 8, 2019Andrew is essentially a "professional backpacker" who is best known for his long-distance backpacking trips, many of which are firsts.For instance, his 6,875-mile Great Western Loop, his 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route and his 4,679-mile "loop" of Alaska on foot, raft, and ski. He also has completed a plethora of shorter adventurers that would be on anyone's bucket list.He's been considered the John Muir and Henry David Thoreau of Generation Y, was Backpacker Magazine Person of the Year, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, among other awards.  However, today's episode is not specifically about those adventures, but about what life has been like after those achievements. How has he built a sustainable career from backpacking? What future adventures is he planning? Listen in to find out.www.andrewskurka.comInstagram: @andrewskurkaGet your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at CoCannaCar…

Ep. 652: The Longest Canoe Trip Ever Done - Dana Starkell

Powered by RedCircleWhen 10-year-old Dana bought a book about Tarzan rather than a candy bar with his first $1 allowance, he had no idea just how fateful that decision would be.After being inspired by the book he told his dad, Don, that he wanted to walk to the Amazon River. Don, being the imaginative adventurer that he was, took his son's request seriously and began planning what would become the world's longest-ever canoe tripIt would take 10 years before Don, Dana, and his brother, Jeff, would set out on their 12,000 mile, 2-year-long journey to the mouth of the Amazon River.Jeff eventually dropped out of the adventure, but Don and Dana made it to the end, earning their induction into the Guinness Book of World Records for having completed the longest canoe journey ever, a distance of 12,181 miles (19,603 kilometers).Buy the book here: PaddletotheAmazon.comguitarsystem123.comdanastarkell.comFacebook: @PaddleToTheAmazonGet your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil …

Ep. 651: The 2,750 Mile Tour Divide - Revisited - Jim Goodyear

Powered by RedCircleThe Tour Divide is over 2,750 miles of self-supported time trial endurance riding along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route stretching between Banff, Alberta, Canada and the US-Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The route was created in 1997 by the Adventure Cycling Association. For 19 years now, bike packers have tackled this route with top riders finishing in just over two weeks while others don’t make it at all. Jim Goodyear is on the show today to fill us in on the experience and mental test that the Tour Divide Andy Stout's current GDMBR adventure here: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 650: Travelling From Chile to Alaska in a VW Bus - Revisited - Ben Jamin

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired June 18, 2018Ben Jamin (yep, real name!) joins us to share with us his transformation from corporate from the 9-5 grind to life on the road driving a Kombi (VW Bus) from Chile to Alaska. His trip took him 6 years! His plan was to pick up riders along the way who needed transportation and who were willing to help with the costs for food and fuel. Ben discovered that he could earn a living while on the road and is now planning to continue around the world.See more from Ben Jamin on his site at Make sure you check out his books when you're there too!Instagram: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 649: A Passion for Better Recovery - Rachael Rapinoe

Powered by RedCircleRachael Rapinoe is the Founder & CEO of Mendi, a sports recovery brand. Rachael won an NCAA national championship with the University of Portland in 2005, played pro soccer in Europe in 2010, and eventually retired to pursue her passion in the health and fitness industry. Leveraging her Masters in Health and Exercise Science from PSU, Rachael went on to build Rapinoe SC–a soccer performance training company & lifestyle apparel brand with her twin, US Soccer star sister, Megan. Having recently consulted as women’s soccer strength and conditioning coach for Division I Colleges, Rachael continues to apply her expertise in training, competition, and recovery in an effort to better understand the role recovery has in performance and the human body. With her network of influential athletes and passion for competing, Rachael shapes Mendi’s products to meet the relevant demand in sports.Instagram: @rrapinoe

Ep. 648: The Disappearance of Christine Boskoff - Johanna Garton

Powered by RedCircle
Although Johanna and Christine grew up in the same town of Appleton, Wisconsin, their paths would never cross. That is, until one day Christine was featured in a local newspaper for disappearing on a remote mountain in western China. Johanna’s mother picked up the story and became somewhat consumed with Christine’s background and how this bright young woman from Appleton ended up on the world’s highest mountain. When her mother was no longer able to work on the book due to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, Johanna decided to pick up the story and turn it into Edge of the Map: The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff. In today’s episode, we’ll talk with Johanna about her life and what led her to pursue this story and what it was like for a non-climber to delve so deep into that world. You can find Edge of the Map at her website,, or anywhere else you get books. Johanna and I ask that you consider supporting your local bookstore. Find out about …

Ep. 647: NFL to the 7 Summits - Revisited - Mark Pattison

Powered by RedCircleFormer NFL wide receiver Mark Pattison joins us on today's show to talk about going from playing professional football in the NFL to climbing the 7 Summits.Website: www.MarkPattisonNFL.comFacebook: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 646: Biking Across America at 19 Years Old - Jude Kneller

Powered by RedCircleIf you listen to this show, you know that adventure doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Today we’re talking with Jude Kneller who decided to bike across the USA on a $75 bicycle. On top of that, Jude was 19 when he did the journey alone. Pretty young for such a big trip! I hope you’re inspired by his stories and motivated to plan your own adventure of a lifetime!Instagram: @jhk2000Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at