Ep. 685: Climbing the Ersfjordtraversen in Norway - Revisited - Jens Jakob Anderson

Powered by RedCircle Originally Aired November 2, 2017 Jens Jakob Anderson is on the show today to talk about the rugged Ersfjordtraversen trek and climb along the north side of Norway's Ersfjord. Jens also runs RunRepeat which is an awesome website that helps you find the perfect running shoes for you with no bias to any brand. Facebook: Twitter:

Ep. 684: Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail During a Pandemic - Amy & Brian Micheletti

Powered by RedCircle   After 8 years of planning this adventure, Amy & Brian Micheletti are here today about what it was like to thru-hike the PCT during the entirety of the pandemic. In a lot of ways, it was better, in others, it was more challenging. It was, however, 100% an adventure... They also traded off blogging all 141 days of hiking. You can check it out at

Ep. 683: The 7 Summits & Explorers Grand Slam - Revisited - Tashi and Nungshi Malik

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired August 20, 2018 These twins are the real deal. Their list of achievements are impressive, especially when you consider they're only 27 years old! This was an interview to remember and we hope you enjoy! Take a look at what they've done together: World records First female twins to scale Mt Everest (Climbed at 21 years of age) First siblings & twins to climb 'Seven Summits' (highest peaks in all continents) First siblings & twins to complete Adventurers Grand Slam & the Three Pole Challenge Youngest persons ever to complete Adventurers Grand Slam & the Three Pole Challenge (until 12 April 2017, now held by Marin Minamiya of Japan) First twins to reach South Pole on Skis (last degree) First twins to reach North Pole on Skis, (last degree) First female twins to scale Mt Cook, New Zealand's tallest peak on 2 December 2016 National and regional records First South Asians to complete Adventurers Grand Slam

Ep. 682: First Descent Kayaking in Bhutan - Ben Morton

Powered by RedCircle   Ben is joining Adventure Sports Podcast to tell us about his first paddle descent of the Sonam Section of the Kuri Chu in eastern Bhutan.  More about Ben from : “Ben is a native of Orange, Virginia where he grew up playing around in and paddling on local rivers. Over the past 15 years Ben has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work alongside numerous paddlesport instructors and coaches at various paddling schools, outfitters, and colleges throughout the U.S. and abroad including the  National Outdoor Leadership School ,  Nantahala Outdoor Center ,  Jackson Hole Kayak School ,  Costa Rica Rios ,  DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking ,  Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School ,  New Zealand Kayak School ,  Wilderness Rescue International ,  Next Adventure Paddlesports Center ,  Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe ,  Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center ,  Canoe Kayak and Paddle Company ,  Zoar Outdoor   and many others.   While Ben's backg

Ep. 681: Human Powered Traverse of the Planet - Revisited - Sarah Outen

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired October 23, 2017 Between 2011 and 2015, Sarah Outen kayaked, cycled and rowed over 20,000 miles around the northern hemisphere - across Europe and Asia, the Pacific, North America and the Atlantic. It was a journey of contrasts and extremes in terrain, weather, cultures and climates. Book:  "Dare to Do" Twitter:  @Sarahouten

Ep. 680: Bringing Adventure Stories to Life Through “Out There” - Willow Belden

Powered by RedCircle After quitting her job at NPR to thru-hike the Colorado Trail, Willow was filled with confidence and a desire to help tell stories of adventure to the world. The job at NPR wasn’t satisfying her desire to do something outside the box and the recent passing of her mother was enough for her to reset the path she was going down.  To say the least, the 5-week thru-hike ultimately changed her life and after getting back she quickly began working on her new project, a podcast, Out There.  Today we’re going to hear Willow’s story of reinvention and self-discovery that led her down a path less taken.  Out There was recently listed as the #1 outdoor podcast in iTunes, has made appearances in media throughout the world and is considered one of the best outdoor and adventure podcasts out there... Find out more about Willow and listen to Out There here: IG:  @outtherepodcast FB:  @outtherepodcast

Ep. 679: Rafting Through the Grand Canyon - Revisited - Heather Kelly

Powered by RedCircle Originally published May 26, 2016 Heather Kelly from Heather's Choice Meals for Adventuring is on the show to talk about her 25 day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon as well as explain a little about pack rafting. She spends some time teaching us about the benefits of a Paleo diet too!

Ep. 678: Gravel Racing in East Africa - Simon Blake

Powered by RedCircle Simon is here today via Australia to tell us about the world of bike racing, specifically gravel, in East Africa. He’s been organizing races and developing the racing scene in Kenya for years now. Consider joining him in one of his races once the world opens back up! The Migration Gravel Race will be happening January 20-23, 2021.  How to find Simon: @migration_gravel_race @cycle_eastafrica @kenyan_riders

Ep. 677: How Adventure Changes Your Life - Revisited - Tom Smith

Powered by RedCircle Originally published August 22, 2016 Tom Smith is the Executive Director of Summit Adventure. Want some life-changing adventures and college credit to boot? Summit might be for you. Listen in as Tom tells of stories of impactful travel, cultural immersion, mountaineering, and more. Tom is an avid tele skier, climber, and mountain biker who has made his passion for adventure sports into a career helping others with life-changing experiences—and it is not just for college students. Check it out! Book:  Hold Mine Hand

Ep. 676: Climbing 8,000-Meter Peaks in Winter - Bernadette McDonald

Powered by RedCircle After growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Bernadette got the taste of mountain living on a family trip to Banff, Alberta. She was so awestruck by the Canadian Rockies that she eventually moved there and worked at the Banff Centre, directing the Banff Mountain Festivals and starting a new division within the Centre – Mountain Culture at The Banff Centre.  After 20 years of volunteering at the Banff Film Festival, she began getting involved in book projects through the Centre and eventually starting writing books about mountaineering history.  Today’s episode features a discussion about Bearnadette’s latest book,  Winter 8000: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains in the Coldest Season.  It’s a harrowing tale of the history of winter ascents and what challenges are left to face in the world of 8,000-meter climbing! Pick up a copy of Winter 8000 at Learn more about Bernadette and her other books at  BernadetteMcdonald.

Ep. 675: Cave Diving - Revisited - Joshua Shouse

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired January 4, 2018 One of our own show listeners Josh Shouse is with us on this episode to fill us in on the mysterious world of underwater cave diving. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to toss a SCUBA tank on your back and explore the unknown under the surface, then sit back, relax and listen in as Josh fills the rest of us land lovers in on the world below.

Ep. 674: Halfway Point Update of Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike - Alex “Armadillo” Dyson

Powered by RedCircle Today we have Alex “Armadillo” Dyson give us his halfway point update from the Appalachian Trail.  His original plan was to leave much earlier in the spring, but I think we all understand why that wasn’t as doable.   He’s joining us near Harper’s Ferry, recognized as the symbolic halfway point of the trail. He actually called us from a mountaintop after a long day on the trail. You’ll hear the wind, birds, and even a train in the background during the call. Talk about a mid-adventure interview! Follow Alex for the rest of his journey on Instagram. He posts some incredible shots!  Instagram: @mediocremountaineer Where Alex took the call...

Ep. 673: From Fearing the Ocean to Becoming an Open Water Swimmer - Revisited - Alexandra Heminsley

Powered by RedCircle   Originally aired March 5, 2018 On today's episode, we talk with Alexandra Heminsley, author of "Running Like a Girl" and "Leap In". Alex overcame a deep fear of water to eventually become an open ocean swimmer. Both of Alex's books are written to provide the inspiration to get off the couch or out of the bar and do something beyond your comfort zone. Books:  "Running Like a Girl" "Leap In" Twitter:  @hemmo Instagram:  @hemmograms

Ep. 672: Wild West Bikepacking Route - Keagan French

Powered by RedCircle The Wild West Bikepacking Route is a new 2,700 mile route from Canada to Mexico that stitches together existing unpaved paths and forest roads to create an incredible cross-section experience of the American West.  The route takes riders to incredibly beautiful and iconic places ranging from the red rock deserts of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon to the high-altitude alpine of the Sawtooth Mountains.  Keagan French recently did the entirety of the route in while on a break from work. Today we’ll hear his feedback and stories from his 2-month mountain bike adventure! Instagram:  @thefrenchpastry

Ep. 671: Professional Endurance Athlete - Ryan Kempson

Powered by RedCircle Growing up in the woods of Vermont, Ryan felt very comfortable with a lack of “rules” as he and his brother, Matthew, explored the forests, played in the mud, and generally lived free-range.  Ryan’s athletic pursuits eventually led him to the basketball court where he would spend his high school and college years excelling in the sport at a high level. The combination of being comfortable outdoors and the agility that basketball demands led Ryan to excel in the up and coming sport of obstacle course racing and even growing into being a professional in the sport.  Like many professional athletes, Ryan has faced near career-ending injuries, adjustments in focus, and changes in passions. He has since returned his focus to the outdoors and recently accomplished the fastest-known-time of climbing all five of Vermont's 4,000 ft peaks and connecting them by bike!  No matter what sport Ryan decides to focus on, it’s clear that he lives a life Without Compro

Ep. 670: The Longest Annual Paddle Race in the World - Greg Wingo

Powered by RedCircle You don’t think of Alabama as holding many records in the world of endurance races (at least I don’t). However, you’d be wrong! Alabama is home to the Great Alabama 650, a 650-mile paddle race down the   Alabama Scenic River Trail   going from the northern part of the state out to the Gulf of Mexico. Racers face whitewater, battle tidewater currents, and hike around a dozen dams in an effort to reach the ocean and are expected to finish between 7-10 days.  Today we’re talking with the AL650 race director, Greg Wingo to learn just how challenging a race like this is to plan as well as compete in.  Enjoy! To follow the racers: To learn more about the Great Alabama 650: Join Athletic Brewing Sober October #DoMoreWithLess Challenge! At Athletic Brewing we believe you can do more with less. That’s why we wanted to challenge you to stay committed to Sober Oc

Ep. 669: Bringing Adventure to the Masses Through Spartan - Joe De Sena

Powered by RedCircle   Joe De Sena is on a mission to get 100 million people off the couch through his company, Spartan, the world’s leading obstacle race. Many of you are probably familiar with Spartan, but might not be familiar with Joe. At his core, he’s an entrepreneur that grew up between his mom, a yogi, and his father, a successful businessman teaching him a balance between hard work and purpose.  That balance, coupled with his intense desire to challenge himself and others, has led Joe to experience some of the harshest conditions on Earth while completing some of the most extreme competitions. His story has taken literally hundreds of interesting turns and his experiences are too vast to capture here.  After a successful career on Wall Street, Joe moved his family to a 700-acre farm in Vermont where they grow organic produce, operate a bed and breakfast, and a general store for Appalachian Trail hikers. This setting was the perfect scenario for the idea of Spartan

Ep. 668: Paddling 7 Rivers on 7 Continents From Source to Sea - Revisited - Mark Kalch

Powered by RedCircle Originally aired November 19, 2015 Mark Kalch has spent 20 years paddling the world’s rivers and oceans. He was named one of the top 50 Adventurous Men by Men’s Journal and is well-versed on the subject of adventure. Mark is currently undertaking a 7 Rivers / 7 Continents Project where he paddles down the longest river on each of the 7 continents. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Ep. 667: Building Community Around Adventure Sports - Mike Shipp

Powered by RedCircle   What many of us have learned in 2020 is that community is crucial to our survival and our success. Some of us crave it because we need it, some of us strive for it because it fills us up. For Mike, community is what he thrives on and what he continually builds towards because he’s seen the value of it in his own life and what combining community and adventure sports can do for everyone.   Instagram:  @shipphappens215 Find out more about  Perfect Timing Multisport  and how you can be involved in what Mike is building by clicking on the link.

Ep. 666: Sailing & Kiteboarding in the Caribbean - Captain Steve Hooker

Powered by RedCircle   Steve Hooker is as Aussie as they come. His distinct accent and witty humor will have you hanging off his every word. Steve runs the only kiteboarding charter boat in the Caribbean, sharing his amazing lifestyle with people from around the world who have a passion for adventure and kiting! Together with his partner Monika, they have kite-surfed in some of the most epic locations on earth. Their adventure started in Greece in 2006 and since then they have sailed over 8000 nautical miles aboard their catamaran named Groovy. Steve can speak about his love for all things kiting, his adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, and his future plans to cross the Pacific. He can share what it’s like making a living on the water and how he’s managed to create his lifestyle of freedom and adventure.  Find out more at

Ep. 665: Life Strategies For Long-Term Vagabonding - Revisited - Rolf Potts

Powered by RedCircle   Originally aired October 16, 2018 Today's episode features the man who wrote 'the book' on the philosophy of long-term travel,  Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel . Being one of my biggest inspirations, it was an exciting episode to record!  Rolf's travel writing has appeared in  National Geographic Traveler ,  Outside , , ,  The Guardian , and  World Hum . When not traveling Rolf spends his time on a plot of land in rural Kansas. If you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to  and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.