Ep. 654: The Backyard Adventurer - Beau Miles

Powered by RedCircleBeau has an incredible eye for turning the ordinary into extraordinary adventures. His stories, films, and upcoming book, The Backyard Adventurer, will make you want to get out of your chair and do something “different”. His projects are simple but profound. From deciding to walk to work, to making an office out of junk material, to kayaking across the Bass Straight from Australia to Tanzania, Beau’s outlook is a mix of Thoreau, Kerouac, with a lot more comedic relief!Please be sure to check out his very entertaining YouTube channel here.His book, The Backyard Adventurer, will be coming out March 1, 2021. Preorder it here: www.beaumiles.comInstagram: @beauismsFacebook: @beaumilesfilmIf you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 653: Backpacking Legend - Revisited - Andrew Skurka

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired March 8, 2019Andrew is essentially a "professional backpacker" who is best known for his long-distance backpacking trips, many of which are firsts.For instance, his 6,875-mile Great Western Loop, his 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route and his 4,679-mile "loop" of Alaska on foot, raft, and ski. He also has completed a plethora of shorter adventurers that would be on anyone's bucket list.He's been considered the John Muir and Henry David Thoreau of Generation Y, was Backpacker Magazine Person of the Year, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, among other awards.  However, today's episode is not specifically about those adventures, but about what life has been like after those achievements. How has he built a sustainable career from backpacking? What future adventures is he planning? Listen in to find out.www.andrewskurka.comInstagram: @andrewskurkaGet your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at CoCannaCar…

Ep. 652: The Longest Canoe Trip Ever Done - Dana Starkell

Powered by RedCircleWhen 10-year-old Dana bought a book about Tarzan rather than a candy bar with his first $1 allowance, he had no idea just how fateful that decision would be.After being inspired by the book he told his dad, Don, that he wanted to walk to the Amazon River. Don, being the imaginative adventurer that he was, took his son's request seriously and began planning what would become the world's longest-ever canoe tripIt would take 10 years before Don, Dana, and his brother, Jeff, would set out on their 12,000 mile, 2-year-long journey to the mouth of the Amazon River.Jeff eventually dropped out of the adventure, but Don and Dana made it to the end, earning their induction into the Guinness Book of World Records for having completed the longest canoe journey ever, a distance of 12,181 miles (19,603 kilometers).Buy the book here: PaddletotheAmazon.comguitarsystem123.comdanastarkell.comFacebook: @PaddleToTheAmazonGet your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil …

Ep. 651: The 2,750 Mile Tour Divide - Revisited - Jim Goodyear

Powered by RedCircleThe Tour Divide is over 2,750 miles of self-supported time trial endurance riding along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route stretching between Banff, Alberta, Canada and the US-Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The route was created in 1997 by the Adventure Cycling Association. For 19 years now, bike packers have tackled this route with top riders finishing in just over two weeks while others don’t make it at all. Jim Goodyear is on the show today to fill us in on the experience and mental test that the Tour Divide Andy Stout's current GDMBR adventure here: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 650: Travelling From Chile to Alaska in a VW Bus - Revisited - Ben Jamin

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired June 18, 2018Ben Jamin (yep, real name!) joins us to share with us his transformation from corporate from the 9-5 grind to life on the road driving a Kombi (VW Bus) from Chile to Alaska. His trip took him 6 years! His plan was to pick up riders along the way who needed transportation and who were willing to help with the costs for food and fuel. Ben discovered that he could earn a living while on the road and is now planning to continue around the world.See more from Ben Jamin on his site at Make sure you check out his books when you're there too!Instagram: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 649: A Passion for Better Recovery - Rachael Rapinoe

Powered by RedCircleRachael Rapinoe is the Founder & CEO of Mendi, a sports recovery brand. Rachael won an NCAA national championship with the University of Portland in 2005, played pro soccer in Europe in 2010, and eventually retired to pursue her passion in the health and fitness industry. Leveraging her Masters in Health and Exercise Science from PSU, Rachael went on to build Rapinoe SC–a soccer performance training company & lifestyle apparel brand with her twin, US Soccer star sister, Megan. Having recently consulted as women’s soccer strength and conditioning coach for Division I Colleges, Rachael continues to apply her expertise in training, competition, and recovery in an effort to better understand the role recovery has in performance and the human body. With her network of influential athletes and passion for competing, Rachael shapes Mendi’s products to meet the relevant demand in sports.Instagram: @rrapinoe

Ep. 648: The Disappearance of Christine Boskoff - Johanna Garton

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Although Johanna and Christine grew up in the same town of Appleton, Wisconsin, their paths would never cross. That is, until one day Christine was featured in a local newspaper for disappearing on a remote mountain in western China. Johanna’s mother picked up the story and became somewhat consumed with Christine’s background and how this bright young woman from Appleton ended up on the world’s highest mountain. When her mother was no longer able to work on the book due to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, Johanna decided to pick up the story and turn it into Edge of the Map: The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff. In today’s episode, we’ll talk with Johanna about her life and what led her to pursue this story and what it was like for a non-climber to delve so deep into that world. You can find Edge of the Map at her website,, or anywhere else you get books. Johanna and I ask that you consider supporting your local bookstore. Find out about …

Ep. 647: NFL to the 7 Summits - Revisited - Mark Pattison

Powered by RedCircleFormer NFL wide receiver Mark Pattison joins us on today's show to talk about going from playing professional football in the NFL to climbing the 7 Summits.Website: www.MarkPattisonNFL.comFacebook: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 646: Biking Across America at 19 Years Old - Jude Kneller

Powered by RedCircleIf you listen to this show, you know that adventure doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Today we’re talking with Jude Kneller who decided to bike across the USA on a $75 bicycle. On top of that, Jude was 19 when he did the journey alone. Pretty young for such a big trip! I hope you’re inspired by his stories and motivated to plan your own adventure of a lifetime!Instagram: @jhk2000Get your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 645: Ultrarunning and FKT’s - Avery Collins

Powered by RedCircleAvery grew up in the midwest, far from the mountains of Colorado that he now calls home. He found running after years of playing basketball and the unique suffering of the sport quickly drew him into longer and longer events. That and the fact he was a broke college student that couldn’t afford a gym membership, running made total sense. Right as he began garnering big wins and making a name for himself, he and his girlfriend, Sabrina, were struck by a semi on the highway. Avery suffered some major injuries that caused him to rethink his direction in life and if he’d ever get back out on the trail. After an arduous six months, he was able to start to run again. Fast forward a few years and Avery is now one of the fastest ultrarunners in the world and frequently podiums at iconic races like the Georgia Death Race, Colorado 200, Fat Dog 120, Hurt 100, and dozens more. He finished 6th overall at Western States in 2017. This summer, Avery will be attempting an FKT of t…

Ep. 644: Nonstop Solo Sail Around the World - Jerome Rand

Powered by RedCircleJerome grew up in Northern Michigan surrounded by water. Reading books about harrowing adventures fueled his mind to live life outside of the box as he grew up. He started his sailing career late, but once he caught the bug, it took off and never stopped. After living in the Caribbean for years Jerome decided to hike the Appalachian Trail. He admits that it was a blissful time of happiness and fulfillment, but he wanted to do more, and do something on the water. In October of 2017, Jerome climbed aboard his Westsail 32, Mighty Sparrow, Jerome would circle the globe alone and return to where he started, Gloucester, MA in June of 2018. His incredible adventure has only been completed by a handful of folks in a vessel of that size. The journey spanned 271 days and over 29,000 miles.Buy his book: Sailing Into Oblivion: The Solo Non-stop Voyage of the Mighty SparrowYoutube Channel: 5thcap…

Ep. 643: Open Ocean Kayaking - Revisited - Peter Bray

Powered by RedCircleOriginally aired September 28, 2015.As a former soldier in the British Special Forces, a military diver, and lifelong adventurer, Peter Bray has led a very full life doing what he loves. He now works as a security consultant and outdoor pursuits instructor. In his 56 years, there are few extreme challenges that he has not attempted. Pete’s exploits have taken him from the frozen wastes of Norway to the searing heat of the African bush. Listen in as Pete tells some of the best stories of harrowing ocean crossings and even about his trouble with the British police at age 11.www.kernowcoaching.comwww.peterbrayadventurer.comFacebook: your body back to balance with high quality CBD oil at

Ep. 642: Paragliding & Perspective - Ari “in the Air” Delashmutt

Ari in the Air joins us again to talk about the world of paragliding. He spoke on his highlining adventures in episode 632. Listen to it here. Ari is an immensely fascinating person who thinks deeply about the ‘why’ behind doing adventure sports. Even if you never plan to paraglide, Ari’s reflections are something we can all learn from and can enjoy listening too. Check out his podcast, Ari in the Air, anywhere you get podcasts. Instagram: @ariintheair His collaboration with KEEN Footwear showcasing some paragliding: Get your body back to balance at Ari in the Air joins us again to talk about the world of paragliding. He spoke on his highlining adventures in episode 632. Listen to it here. Ari is an immensely fascinating person who thinks deeply about the ‘why’ behind doing adventure sports. Even if you never plan to paraglide, Ari’s reflections are something we can all learn from and can e…

Ep. 641: Thru-Hiking With Man's Best Friend - Revisited - Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa

Powered by RedCircleWhile thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 1996, Whitney LaRuffa found his new hiking companion, a wandering dog which he named Erwin after the town in Tennessee where they met. Erwin continued the AT hike the rest of the way through to Maine and went on to accompany Allgood for 13 years on many more hikes. Whitney joins Travis from his Continental Divide Trail thru-hike on today's show to talk about hiking with dogs and the adventures of hiking America's greatest trails.

Ep. 640: Adventuring Into Retirement - Curt & Cindy Liljedahl

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You’ll remember Curt from episode 491 where he talks about zero-gravity experiences. Today is a much different episode as he and his wife, Cindy, join us to talk about how they plan to adventure now that they’re retired from teaching. Combined, they have 60 years in the classroom and have been able to put in place a fantastic plan for experiencing these years of their lives to the fullest. Even if you’re not anywhere to close retirement (like me), they share plenty of advice, tips, and tricks to help you build a life that perpetuates and prioritizes adventure. You can find out more about them and their podcast, AdventuRetired (which launches today!) here:Podcast: Find it here, AdventuRetired, or anywhere you get podcastsAdventuRetired.comInstagram: @adventuretiredFacebook: @adventuretired

Ep. 639: Wildland Trekking in Tanzania - Revisited - Seth Quigg

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Seth Quigg, the "Pimbi Master", from joins Curt on today's show to share some good stories from trips to Tanzania. they also discuss the value of putting yourself out there and getting some real-world experience and education through adventure.Instagram:

Ep. 638: Running 30 Marathons in 30 Countries Before Turning 30 - Liz Warner

Powered by RedCircleAfter running her first marathon in Tokyo after the loss of her father, Liz grew a deep love of running as a form of therapy and exercise. She had a self-proclaimed “addiction” for the high of crossing the finish line after over 26 miles of running, especially in places that were far from her hometown of Atlanta. As she approached her 30th birthday while living in Paris, she decided to join her passion for travel and marathons into an adventure of a lifetime! She committed to run 30 marathons in 30 different countries by the time she turns 30 in June of 2020. Each marathon focused on a different charity and she’s currently raising $100,000 to donate to the various causes. You find out more about her marathons and fundraising hereruntoreach.comInstagram: @runtoreachSign up for the virtual marathon for May 24th!

Ep. 637: 100-Mile Trail Race on Horseback - Revisited - Lora Wereb

Powered by RedCircleSince 1955, horseback riders have been taking part in an event called the Tevis Cup. This 24 hour endurance race starts in Lake Tahoe, California and ends in Auburn 100 miles to the west. Breast cancer survivor Lora Wereb recently took on this grueling challenge in the race’s 61st

Ep. 636: Mountaineer, Explorer, Guide, Race Director - Alex Harris

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After resigning from his position in sales in 1996, Alex became the youngest South African to guide a team to the summit of Everest at the age of 25. Since then he has led dozens of expeditions to some of the furthest corners of the planet, including the north and south sides of Everest, the Seven Summits, and the Arabian Desert, to name a few.In 2008, Alex became the first African to walk unsupported to the South pole. The journey took 65 days and covered 1,200 kms. Alex has now transitioned into the life of race director for The Munga, a 1,000 km semi-supported single stage mountain bike race across South Africa in the heat of the summer. Find out more about Alex and The credit here

Ep. 634: Traveling to Every Country in the World on a Teacher Salary - Brian Asher

Powered by RedCircleAfter humble beginnings in the world of sports, Brian was introduced to summiting mountains, vast wilderness, and travel when he went to work at a summer camp in Colorado that changed his life forever. After that experience, as well as encouragement from his brother, he was eager to see more of the world. That’s when he took a solo trip to Central America just to experience the culture and scenery.  He was hooked! Brian quickly began traveling all over the world, racking up visits to dozens of countries in a relatively short amount of time. It wasn’t long before the idea to visit every country in the world became his pursuit. Today is the story of how Biran did just that. Well, every country except one... Instagram: YouTube: The World Hiker Website: Facebook: @TheWorldHiker
From his website, "Hanging with spider monkeys deep in the Amazon Rainforest near Leticia, Colombia."