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Ep. 384: Hiking Trails and Backpacking the Pacific Northwest and Mt. Raineer - Tami Asars

Tami Asars joins us today to talk about the wonderful trails and places to visit in the Pacific Northwest including Mt. Raineer National Park and the Wonderland Trail. Tami has written four books on hiking and backpacking the Pacific Northwest to date and has created a Wonder Trail app. Listen in to get enthused about taking a trip to this part of the United States!

Get more info about Tami: www.TamiAsars.com
Tami's Books on Amazon:
Hiking the Wonderland Trail
Dayhiking Mt Raineer - 80 hikes Look for events on the site
Day Hiking Mount Adams and Goat Rocks
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Washington
Don't forget to check out her Wonderland Trail Smartphone app as well!
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