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Ep. 730: The Unlikely Path to Building a Bike Park - Seth Alvo

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This show was originally aired on Without Compromise by Athletic Brewing

Taking the road less traveled will inevitably take some unexpected turns and uncover many unexpected opportunities. The key, as Seth says, is to follow the opportunities. He should know as the founder and creator of the premier mountain biking YouTube channel Berm Peak (formally known as Seth’s Bike Hacks), where Seth does mountain bike how-to’s, advice, and is currently building an entire mountain bike park in the mountains of western North Carolina. 

However, Seth’s story starts out in a way you wouldn’t expect a leading voice in the world of mountain biking to start, BMX riding in Miami. That didn’t stop him though. He picked up his camera and started recording anyway. 

Fast forward a handful of years and Seth is using his community's support to build a mountain bike park that will be open to the public. 

Find out more about Seth:

YouTube channel Berm Peak

Instagram: @sethsbikehacks

To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s Two For The Trails grant, which is open until May 31st, go here: https://athleticbrewing.com/pages/two-for-the-trails

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