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How to Listen to the Show - It's easy!

How to listen to the Adventure Sports Podcast
RSS Feed URL: http://adventuresportspodcast.libsyn.com/rss
iPhone: iPhone users simply click on your podcast app that looks like this. Once in the app, just search for the Adventure Sports Podcast and click subscribe. You're all set!

Android: You can either find us in Play Music at the link below or by downloading any one of the awesome podcast apps from the Play Store. Simply search the Google Play Store for podcast apps and give one a try. Once installed, just search for the Adventure Sports Podcast. Don't forget to Subscribe and enjoy!

iTunes requires a couple more steps, but they are quick and easy. Here's how: Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer. At the top, click on the "iTunes Store" link. In the search box in the top right, search for "Adventure Sports Podcast" and click the logo when it comes up. Click the Subscribe button below the logo. Now you'll find this podcast and others you subscribe to in the "My Podcasts" link at the top of iTunes.

 Stitcher is another good place to listen to the show. Click this link to get to our show on Stitcher. Once there, you can subscribe on the site or download the Stitcher app for iPhone or Android phones. http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/adventure-sports-podcast

Microsoft Outlook even lets you get podcasts delivered straight into your inbox. It's simple if you know what the RSS feed is. You can find ours on the left side of our site under the social media links. Just copy the RSS Feed URL and open Outlook. In Outlook, go to "File", "Account Settings". Click the "RSS Feeds" tab and then click "New". A box will pop up where you will paste the RSS Feed URL in. Click "Add". You can simply leave the default settings alone on the next page and click "Okay". Now you'll see the RSS Feeds folder in your left sidebar. Your podcast will be in there. Simply double click on the attached .mp3 file and enjoy!

Thanks for subscribing to the Adventure Sports Podcast!

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