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Ep. 006: Allan Karl - Adventure Motorcycling Around the World

Ep. 006: Allan Karl – Allan sold everything and spent 3 years travelling around the world on his BMW F650GS motorcycle.

Why would someone sell nearly everything he owns, then pack up and travel for three years around the world—alone—on a motorcycle? Find out now. Listen to Allan Karl “WorldRider” share discoveries, cultures and connections he made on his global adventure here on the Adventure Sports Podcast.



Pick up his new book “FORKS: A QUEST FOR CULTURE, CUISINE, AND CONNECTION” — an adventure that will awaken your senses and inspire your spirit. Explore 35 countries on five continents: stories of connection and culture, more than 700 stunning photos, and flavors and food: recipes from each country.


Visit www.forksthebook.com to buy the book! Use Coupon Code: 180TACK at checkout to save $9 through April 15, 2015

Follow Allan on Twitter and Facebook @worldrider




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