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Ep. 097: Break Free to a Spirit of Adventure

Paula Moldenhauer--author, inspirational speaker and adventure lover--inspires all to overcome challenges and to break free to a spirit of adventure. After raising four kids, Paula found herself out of shape and in need of fresh adventure in her life. Listen in as she inspires us to start right where we are and to live that bigger life of discovery and fresh adventures.

Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal
Postmark: Christmas

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  1. Great interview! So very proud of my friend and all that she's accomplished. Can't wait to see what your next big adventure will be. ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I think your next big adventure should be a road trip to Missouri with Kathy, Deb, and Jill. ;)

    1. And unless Margie sees this, maybe a surprise road trip.

  4. That was awesome, Paula! Wonderful encouragement for us all, as always. You made me laugh... hubby and I have been taking the dogs on hikes. I have to force myself to walk in the woods. Walking in the city would be so much less scary! We all have our issues! Next year I want to do the Mt. Sopris hike, which requires an overnight stay. Way out of my comfort zone, but very much an adventure!


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