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Ep. 098: Adventure AND Travel - Jason Moore & Curt Linville

Learn more today about travel and how to incorporate adventure sports into your trips as Jason Moore and Curt Linville recount adventure stories from around the globe. This dual interview and dual podcast is being published on both this show, The Adventure Sports Podcast, and also on Jason's show, Zero to Travel. We had a ton of fun putting this one together for you. We hope you have fun listening in!
Jason Moore
Curt Linville
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  1. I know I'm going back a bit on this, but I'm just catching up on some of the older poscasts. I loved this episode, I like the back and forth and that is comes across as a conversation between people who love the topic.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes it was fun to hear Curt and Jason together on this one. We would like to do more like this, but we both work full time and it's unfortunately a rare opportunity at this time. We really appreciate the comments and feedback. Thanks for listening! - Travis


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