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Ep. 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes! - Travis & Curt

100 Episodes of ASP! Wow! Join Travis and Curt as we share clips from several of our 100 Episodes. These are a few of our favorite stories from some fantastic guests. Celebrate with us!!
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For the full episodes go to the following:

1: Peter Suster - Through Hiking - CDT
6: Allan Karl - Motorcycle World Travel - Forks Book
22: Paul Shurke - Dog Sledding
41: Liz Thomas - Through Hiking Tripple Crown/Urban
42: Gerry Roach - 14ers, Mountaineer, Author
52: Willie Weir - Adventure Travel Bicycling the Planet
65: Craig Kennedy - Hot Air Balloon
78: Tim Emmett - Ice Climbing, Professional Climber
84: Robyn Benincasa - Adventure Racing, Paddling
89: George Kourounis - Storm Chaser, Global Explorer
93: Peter Bray - Kayaked Across Atlantic

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