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Ep. 131: Phoenix Multisport - Adventure with a Purpose - Scott Strode

I love this show!  Scott Strode shares how adventure sports changed his life and led him to found Phoenix Multisport.  17,000 people helped and inspired later, Phoenix Multisport continues to provide community and purpose for those recovering from substance use disorders.  Great stories!  Inspirational!  Fun!  Don't miss this one!

Contact Scott!



Orange County, California
901- 903 West 16th Street
Newport Beach, CA, 92663
Phone : 949-873-5215

Boulder, Colorado
2239, 2233 Champa Street
Denver, CO, 80205
Phone : 720-440-9175

Boston, Massachusetts
PO Box 346
South Boston, MA, 02127
Phone : 774-230-7044
Fax : 866-893-5884


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  1. Great show...very inspirational! Lots of great thoughts, I have to go back and listen again (when I'm not working out) to capture a few of them. "I became so lost on the goal setting, that I forgot how much I loved just being out there." "The path is the goal, not just the summit." Something I need to keep in mind myself.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. You're right. The path IS the goal. It's tough to remember that when we have the "summit" in sight. Thanks for listening!


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