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Ep. 136: Parnassus Winter Ascent Trip Report Special

Caleb Linville, Curt Linville, Stephen Moldenhauer, & Stone Hubbard are featured on today's show as they share a trip report from the winter ascent of Mount Parnassus (13,579 ft).  There are some real gems hidden in this show about climbing in the winter, snow shoeing in avalanche terrain and lessons learned. Most of the show was recorded on location while ascending the peak.  We part from the standard format of the show for this special report and mix in some great tunes performed by Stone.  Hope you enjoy this change of pace!

See more pictures here...

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  1. These are incredible pictures! I enjoyed this podcast, living the adventure so to speak. The music by Stone was a special treat. With the backdrop of the story we experienced with you through the podcast and the artist touch of the musical background, I found the closing comments not only a beautiful literary experience, but highly impacting and encouraging on a day I am struggling to summit the "mountains" of my life. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Paula! It was a great trip, to be sure.


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