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Ep. 184: Mountaineering & Overcoming Adversity - Jeff Glasbrenner

Jeff Glasbrenner has goals.  Big ones.  As he summited Aconcagua, his guide suggested he climb Everest.  Why not?  So he did.  Now, not only does he have his sights set on the seven summits, but he is also planning on skiing to both the north and south poles.  Jeff is a motivational speaker who inspires us to live our dreams, no matter what our challenges may be.  You see, Jeff has only one leg.  Thanks, Jeff, for a great Everest trip report!  And thanks for reminding us to live life large!

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  1. Had to listen off the website, no audio via iTunes.

    1. Yep. Thanks for the heads up. The file was corrected as soon as the issue was discovered, but for those who downloaded the file ahead of that, you would need to refresh the download. Updates to our syndication service resulted in an MP4 rather than an MP3 being syndicated. Sorry! Thanks for taking the time to listen via the site anyway!


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