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Ep. 216: A Delightful Survey of Adventure Sports - Bob Cartwright

Bob Cartwright joins us today as we compare and contrast backpacking and camping in the US and the UK, as well as in other locales around the planet. Bob, the host of The Outdoors Station Podcast, is very well versed on adventure. Ever want to backpack around the UK? This show is for you. Are you considering an adventure-based lifestyle? Another hit. Want to start a carrier as an adventurer? We kick that one around too.

Since its inception in 2005 The Outdoors Station has been providing free audio and video podcast entertainment, information, trip reports and reviews specifically with the backpacker, traveler, cyclist, paddler in mind. With over 8 million downloads, these people know what they are doing! You can sample The Outdoors Station at:
Thanks, Bob for a very enjoyable show!

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