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Ep. 220: Canoeing All the Way to the Hudson Bay - Sean Bloomfield & Colton Witte

How about 49 days canoeing 2,200 miles from Chaska, MN all the way to the Hudson Bay? Great story! Great guys! Great book! Sean Bloomfield and Colton Witte join us today to share their amazing story. They were 18 years old. They had a BIG dream. They made it happen. Courage, tenacity, and a dose of blind why not? Sean and Colton show us how to get OUR adventure on too! Listen to the show. Then buy the book. Thanks, guys, for sharing with the rest of us!



Adventure North
“Adventure North fits the bill as a lively, entertaining and stirring account of teenage exploits in the natural world rarely sought out for, much less experienced, by today’s youth. In truth, however, it is an inspirational narrative for all ages on personal growth through pushing past one’s comfort zone, reliance on others, and most importantly, friendship. While the title indicates the route taken by the pair, it easily symbolizes the upwardly character development that results.”
– Charles Friedbauer, Outdoors Reporter, Writer, Chaska, Minnesota

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