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Ep. 240: Humanitarian Adventure - Zach Smith

Ever want to see the world, meet the people, and make a difference that really matters? Zack Smith shares this very inspiring story of how simply going to where the hurt is can develop into a lifelong journey of adventure and caring around the world. It all started when Zach and some colleagues traveled to Haiti to help after the earthquakes there. Next came travel around Africa in a Cessna to remote villages to assist with surgeries. One thing led to another and now they have built a clinic in Nigeria that is caring for people from dozens of villages in the area. Real lives touched. Real impact. Real adventure that matters.

Listen to find out how you can save 30% on Core Third photocells and help provide these products to those in Africa that who need them daily.


Wanna go? E-mail Zach@corethird.com.


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