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Ep. 241: The New Appalachian Trail Speed Record - Speedgoat Karl Meltzer

At 38 wins, Karl Meltzer has more 100 mile endurance race victories than any other ultra-runner to date. After 3 attempts Karl succeeded in breaking Scott Jurek's 2015 time by more than 10 hours in September of 2016. Join us as Karl and I talk about his new AT record as well as his 5 wins at the Hardrock 100. Experience the truly inspiring comradery that Karl and Scott shared during their respective attempts.

Speedgoat 50K: http://karlmeltzer.com/speedgoat-50k/

For our paddlers, check out the Cal 100 endurance race on the Sacramento River. Thanks to Janet Whittick for letting us know about this one! http://www.riversforchange.org/california-100/

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