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Ep. 247: China-Europe-Iceland Travel by Motorcycle & People You Meet - Allan Karl

Allan Karl was on our show way back in episode #6! He's been to a lot more places since that first appearance and he's back to talk about them. Listen in too hear about the amazing people he met and the experiences he had while filming for a pilot episode of his planned travel documentary series. He's been to China, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Istanbul, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and more since we last spoke.

Pick up his book “FORKS: A QUEST FOR CULTURE, CUISINE, AND CONNECTION” — an adventure that will awaken your senses and inspire your spirit. Explore 35 countries on five continents: stories of connection and culture, more than 700 stunning photos, and flavors and food: recipes from each country. You can even save 20% if you're a member of our ASP Member Deals site. Check it out!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldrider
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