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ASP Stories Ep. 001: 8240: One Family's Life Above the Clouds

Welcome to the first of our Saturday bonus episodes. We will be having authors read from their books featuring each chapter as a new episode. Think of these bonus episodes as an ongoing audiobook for free. So sit back, relax and enjoy our first book "8240: One Family's Life Above the Clouds" written and recorded by Curt Linville, host of the Adventure Sports Podcast. "8240: One Family's Life Above the Clouds" is the story of a couple, and their infant, escaping the city and relocating to the front range foothills of Colorado as they grow their family and raise children at an elevation of 8240'.

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  1. Curt, you mentioned during the podcast that you'd like some feedback on your "ASP Stories" initiative: I listened today and really liked it. Looking forward to listening to future chapters of your book and to others' books.

  2. o my gosh i love this podcast i listn to this in school


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