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Ep. 320: Everything You Need to Know About Bears - Mike McIntosh

Did you know that bears don't actually growl as Hollywood has you believe? Did you also know that a dog on a leash is a great bear deterrent, but a dog off its leash is a great way to have yourself a bear encounter? In this episode Mike McIntosh, of the Bear With Us Sanctuary Rehabilitation Center, helps us understand what we need to know about living with bears while playing in the wild.
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/bearwithusbears

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  1. Great Episode! One correction though. I know Mike is an expert, but if I "see a bear backpacking" I am going to take a video because that will get like 2 billion youtube views. :) :) :)

    1. Funny! Yes, that seems to be the typical approach these days.

  2. Outstanding episode. As I work at the REI Denver flagship store, I've shared the link with my co-workers. Great advice to give to customers wanting to backpack and camp here in Colorado, some for the first time. Keep 'em comin"!


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