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Ep. 339: Vieques and Hurricane Maria Update - Nate Marr

Nate Marr from Marauder Sailing Charters is back on the show with us today to fill us in on the horrifying experience of living through hurricane Maria and what it did to his home island of Vieques. Nate shares how locals and outsiders alike have come together to rebuild their tropical community and how you can get involved yourself. Make sure you take some time to listen to this one. It's so easy to jump back into our everyday hectic lives and forget that these communities are still, to this day, fighting to get back on their feet and return normalcy to their lives.

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  1. You know, PR’s woes is not a secret. My company has a plant there. Through them, employees and the company has supported 10s of 1000s of dollars. As we/they should.
    BUT, dissing the pres and govt as not doing enough is not the answer, and to a great extent, not true nor justified.
    The govt can never adequately prepare to carry a region that has been totally ill prepared regardless of both a history and probability. Probably sounds cold. Not meant to be. Our nation should commit to food and immediate survival such as medicines as long as it takes— fair criticism. But please realize, the social structure there has a long history of living off of federal support even on the good years. That change has to be part of the restoration.
    A local govt should put preparation and adequate structures first— PR hasn’t.


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