Ep. 363: Professional Rock Climber and Paragliding Hobbyist - Matt Segal

Matt Segal was raised in Florida and discovered his passion for rock climbing in the gym. He has been climbing since 1998 and quickly left the man-made holds for those naturally placed. He moved to Boulder, Colorado to grow his passion. He’s traveled the world, from China to Argentina, mostly focusing on establishing the most difficult traditional climbs he can find. Some of his proudest lines include The Iron Monkey (5.14) in Eldorado Canyon, CO, The Orangutan Overhang (5.14-) in Independence Pass, CO and Air China (5.13d R) in Liming, China. Recently he’s also collaborated with both scientists and photographers on National Geographic expeditions where his skills as a climber have proven to be valuable. He has started instant coffee company Alpine Start Foods providing high-quality coffee for adventurers. Listen in to be inspired to try some rock climbing!


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