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ASP Stories Ep. 023: None Such Like It - Chapter 1 Excerpt - Annie Dike

Welcome to another ASP Stories bonus episode. We will be having authors read from their books featuring each chapter as a new episode. Think of these bonus episodes as an ongoing audiobook for free. So sit back, relax and enjoy a chapter from "None Such Like It" by Annie Dike. When Annie met her boyfriend Phillip, she learned he had the dream to purchase a sailboat and embark on journeys across the ocean while he was still young and had the ability to. Having never really considered sailing as a way of life, Annie was simply interested in Phillip's dream, and maybe more so in Phillip, to join him on his adventures. With a few years under their belts now as seasoned sailors, Annie has written three books, maintains her blog "Have Wind Will Travel" and produces a YouTube Channel chronicling their journey. You can also hear more from Annie of episodes 75 & 138 of the Adventure Sports Podcast.

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