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LOTB Preview - Life Outside of the Box Series - Life on the Road Chile to Alaska in a VW Bus - Ben Jamin

Here's  a nice little preview for our brand new Life Outside the Box series! Ben Jamin joins us to share with us his transformation from the 9-5 grind to a life on the road driving a Kombi (VW Bus) from Chile to Alaska. His trip took him 6 years! His plan was to pick up riders along the way who needed transportation and who were willing to help with the costs for food and fuel. Ben discovered that he could earn a living while on the road and is now planning to continue around the world. Check it out! It's a great story to get the LOTB inspiration flowing!
See more from Ben Jamin on his site at www.kombilife.com Make sure you check out his books when you're there too!
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