Ep. 406: 76 Days Adrift at Sea in a Life Raft Revisited - Steve Callahan

The story that's so incredible it deserves a second listen.  All the way back in episode 217, Steve joined us to recount his adventure of survival.

An avid sailor, naval architect and New York Times best-selling author, Steve Callahan designed and built his 21' sloop the Napolean Solo to sail it across the Atlantic Ocean from Newport, RI to England with plans to compete in a regatta. Once underway in the race, Steve experienced issues with the boat and was forced to drop out. Once repairs were made, he continued on his way only to be stopped in his tracks in the middle of the ocean when his sailboat was struck and began to sink.

Listen is as Steve recounts his 76 day journey across the Atlantic in his life raft with only his ditch kit and a small spear gun with him.

Be sure to click on the book link below to get his New York Times best-selling book: "Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea" to dig deeper into his amazing story!

The Book: Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea

Sea Website: http://www.stevencallahan.net/

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