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Ep. 413: Iditarod Ultra Runner, Endurance Athlete and Stay-at-Home Dad - Pete Ripmaster

Pete Ripmaster has an amazing story of triumph by ultra running the 1000 mile Iditarod Invitational.  He went from dead last, having a near death experience, to winning the race after just a few attempts.
Being a devout father and husband, Pete has to be diligent to carve out time to train for these truly mind-blowing achievements of endurance and grit. You'll enjoy his fresh, balanced and insightful perspective on his achievements and hopefully learn some of the lessons he shares from some truly difficult times on the trail. 
His facebook: www.facebook.com/PeteRipmaster/
His website: www.peteripmaster.com
His Instagram: www.instagram.com/peteripmaster

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