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LOTB Preview - Life Outside of the Box Series - Fulltime Life Traveling the World in a Land Rover Defender - Luisa & Graeme Bell

Luisa & Graeme Bell have been travelling around the world full time in their Land Rover Defender 110 with their kids for 7 years. They have driven through 4 continents covering more than 150,000 miles. For this Life Outside the Box episode, we caught up with the couple while they are doing some house sitting in Switzerland. Listen in to get the download on where they've been, what they'seen and how they manage to live a life outside the box doing what makes their family happiest. 

This is a shortened version of the full episode available to our ASP Patrons. To join in on the fun and hear all of our full length LOTB shows, simply head over to www.patreon.com/adventuresportspodcast to sign up. It's just $5 a month and you'll get access to these exclusive shows plus chances to win our demo product giveaways as well as opportunities to ask questions of upcoming guests!


Follow Luisa, Graeme and the kids at: www.a2aexpedition.com  You'll also find their three books about their travels on the site. You can help support them on Patreon at their page: www.patreon.com/a2aexpedition and follow them on social media at the following links:

FB: www.facebook.com/a2a.expedition
Instagram: www.instagram.com/graeme.r.bell
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCa-Q2zqKR-tXxyC2iUa3vOA
Twitter: twitter.com/Arg2Alaska


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