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Ep. 417: Adaptive Adventures Revisited - Matt Feeney

Alright folks, no more excuses. No matter your challenge, you will benefit from enlarging our life with adventure sports. Check out today's show where Matt Feeney rocks the mic with the stories we all need to hear to remind us that life is to be lived powerfully and on purpose, no matter the circumstances. Matt Feeney was an avid mountain biker and skier when a cliff diving accident at Lake Powell in 1988 left him paralyzed from the waist down. Since then he has again become an amazing skier and biker and SCUBA diver and more..., as well as founding the amazing organization, Adaptive Adventures. He teaches us all NOT to give up, but to adapt to a life better lived. Thanks, Matt!

Adaptive Adventures
1315 Nelson Street, Unit 1
Lakewood CO 80215



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