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Ep. 421: From Couch to 250k with Aidan Doherty & Blane O'Donnell

Is it possible to complete Ireland's toughest endurance event with 10 months of training when you started from the couch? Well, Aidan and Blane are going to find out. Listen to their journey from the perspective of the trainer and trainee as they approach their biggest goal yet, The Race.

The Race is a 250 km unsupported endurance event across the rugged landscape of North West Donegal, Ireland. It involves 15km of kayaking, 166km of cycling, 5km of mountain running and 64km of road and trail running. All under 24 hours. 

They're also documenting their journey to the starting line in the form of a podcast. 

Check out https://couchto250k.simplecast.fm/ to hear more!





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