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Ep. 422: He Lives in Dubai and Rock Climbs in the Midwest of the USA - Allen Kenneth Schaidle

Allen Kenneth Schaidle lives in Dubai, but he spends his leisure time researching boulders on America’s grand prairie. His bookcase has an entire shelf dedicated to his collection of Midwest climbing guidebooks. The first guidebook he purchased was Sandstone Warrior: Bouldering Southern Illinois by Matt Bliss. Today, you’ll find it stained, marked with personal notes, and dog-eared from years of trips to some of the world’s best sandstone boulders. Unfortunately, just as he left his Midwest roots for global pursuits, the bouldering of Missouri and other heartland states experienced a resurgence. On this episode, Allen shares, with us, the adventure to be had in the Midwest and he makes a strong argument for the Midwest's rock climbing bragging rights altering some stereotypes along the way.

Visit Allen's site for more stories and information about rock climbing in the American Midwest. www.akschaidle.com

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