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Ep. 435: Solo Circumnavigation of Lake Winnipeg at 18 Years Old - Alex Martin

Alex is not your typical 18 years old. Instead of setting out to trade school, college, or hanging out at home after the summer of high school graduation, Alex decided he wanted to do something adventurous to transition into this new phase of life called adulthood. That desire led him to kayak 1,750 km around the edges of Lake Winnipeg, something incredibly daunting considering the remoteness of much of the lake as well as the unpredictable weather.
Alex is incredibly articulate for his age and understands that this trip was an amazing opportunity to show the world the importance of keeping resources like Lake Winnipeg free of pollution, invasive species, and a refuge for the human soul. He’s already an experienced adventurer and we’re super excited that Alex joined us for this interview as we’re sure he’ll be an even bigger name in the outdoor community very soon.





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