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Ep. 437: Life Outside the Box - First Solo Human-Powered Circumnavigation of the Globe - Erden Eruc

Erden Eruc has a world-class adventure resume. With 15 Guinness World Records, tens of thousands of miles of first-ever human-powered achievements, and an emotional story that started his journeys, you'd think he'd have a best-selling book and endless speaking engagements by now. As you'll hear, none of these things have come into fruition for Erden. It has been a grind from the beginning to the present. However, that hasn't crushed his thirst for adventure and need for bigger and bigger challenges. It certainly hasn't taken away from the amazing feats Erden has accomplished. Actually, the fact he doesn't have huge sponsors and crowds of fans makes his motivation all the more impressive.

What are you willing to go through to chase your dream? Will it be worth it in the end? Listen in on today's episode from someone who knows how lonely it can be on the top. 






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