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Ep. 443: Financial Planning Tips For a Life of Adventure - Joe Jimenez

After college, Joe Jimenez thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail.  When he returned home he found himself not really looking forward to the daily responsibilities of “normal life.”  This led Joe and his wife to some radical changes in their lives.  First, they decided to move into an RV.  Second, they budgeted to save as much money as possible.  Third, they have built a life that allows them the freedom to do the jobs they want as well as have the money they need to stay healthy, keep active, and ultimately chase adventure.  Now Joe is extremely passionate about sharing his ideas and life/travel-hacking principles.  I hope you learn something from today’s episode!
Business: anepicelopement.com
IG: josephmcjostepher
Twitter: joerjimenez

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