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Ep. 473: The Sport of Finding Bigfoot, Seriously - Laura Krantz

“There’s no way Bigfoot could be real...
...at least that’s what I thought.”

Laura Krantz is a self-described skeptic. However, several years ago she read an article about Grover Krantz, an anthropology profession and Bigfoot researcher. She thought it odd they shared last names. After more digging, she was surprised to discover that Grover was a cousin to her grandfather. She had to learn more about this mysterious world of folks who believe in the creature but aren’t “crazy”.  What she found was fascinating. These aren’t tin hat wearing antisocial hermits in the forest. They are professors, teachers, forest rangers, and police officers that all had undeniably strange encounters with a creature which they never thought they’d believe in. Laura, a former NPR producer, documented her journey which she turned into Wild Thing, a podcast about the lore and reality of who or what Bigfoot really is and her quest to know more about the folks who search for it. Enjoy!



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