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Ep. 483: The Importance of Foot Care on Adventures Revisited - Jon Vonhof

Foot pain and blisters - most of us, in our Adventure hobbies, have had to deal with these annoying ailments. Jon Vonhof is here today to educate us on proper foot care and hopefully to provide a few good tips and tricks that will keep our feet out of trouble. Jon is an ultra-runner and foot care expert. He’s volunteered his knowledge and services at running events around the globe patching up 1000’s of tattered feet. He spends time speaking to runners and hikers about being good stewards of their feet. With more than 20 ultra-marathons under his belt including competing 3 times in the 100-mile Western States ultra and 10 times in the Santa Rosa 24-hour track run, John has the experience to guide us to great foot care. His book “Fixing Your Feet: Injury Prevention & Treatments for Athletes” is I it’s 6th edition and continues to be a leading manual for proper foot care.



Fixing Your Feet Book


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