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Ep. 503: Climbing in the ‘80s and the Race to 5.14 - Jeff Smoot

Jeff has always had a passion for climbing and writing. After a whirlwind of experiences in the ‘70s and ‘80s Jeff moved on to a professional career in law as he recounted his epic youth and continued his adventures in the outdoors through hiking and writing guidebooks.

He sits on the Seattle’s Camp Long Advisory Council and is the founder of Camp Long’s annual Mountain fest, which celebrates Seattle’s climbing history and culture.

His most recent project, Hangdog Days, recalls the stories of his days of traveling from one climbing area to the next witnessing many firsts and getting to know some of the most influential personalities in climbing history all while watching the sport as a whole grow from adolescence into full maturity.

Hangdog Days: Conflict, Change, and the Race for 5.14

Instagram: @smootopia


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