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Ep. 604: Chasing Fastest Known Times - Jason Hardrath

After a serious car accident that left him with limited mobility in his leg, Jason decided he was done letting time slip by that wasn't in the pursuit of some higher goal in places he loved to be. This led him to pursue wilderness-based FKTs (Fastest Known Times). To date, Jason has 35 FKTs in some of the most iconic and beautiful places in the American West.

Many of those FKTs are on impressively difficult routes. The Cascade Trifecta, Rainier Infinity Loop, Crater Lake Circumnavigation, and Oregon's Five Highest are all FKT's Jason has under his belt. 

Not bad for an elementary PE teacher having this level of adventures on school breaks and weekends. 

Just imagine what you can do if you started trying.

Instagram: @jasonhardrath



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