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Ep. 620: Backcountry Foodie - Aaron Owens Mayhew

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For many of us, an adventure is life-changing. In fact, it’s often a distinction between life before and after that adventure which leaves many adventurers with the idea of a completely different lifestyle as well as career post-adventure.
Today, we’re hearing from Aaron Mayhew about what it was like for her to experience a midlife crisis, decide to hike the PCT and wanting to take her dietitian skills out of a hospital setting, and into the backcountry. 
Starting a career around your passion for the outdoors isn’t easy, but with the right amount of dedication, knowledge, and hard work, you increase your chances of success dramatically. 
Her business is producing quick, easy, and nutritious recipes for backpackers and other adventurers. Her meals aren’t only for adventure athletes. They are also great for quick and nutritious meals you can have at home or have ready in your pantry for quick weekend getaways, work, etc. 
She joins us from her van in New Mexico after a day of hiking. 
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