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Ep. 625: Legendary Freeskier - Mark Abma

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Mark is so easy to talk to about all sorts of topics that you forget he’s an iconic freeskier with numerous awards under his belt. In 2005 and 2007 he won the Powder Video Awards for Best Male Performance and is well known by his amazing freeskiing skills that are captured in film through his nearly two-decade relationship with Matchstick Productions. In fact, he’s been featured in every single MSP film for the last 18 years, as well as several Warren Miller and Poor Boyz movies. 
It hasn’t gone to his head, though. He started mogul skiing before switching to park competitions and chipping a career out over the years. He says it has humbled him and led to a certain amount of contentment over the years. 
He’s incredibly down to earth and always eager to talk about health, longevity, and his used veggie oil-fueled adventure truck. He joins us from his home near Whistler, BC. 
This interview originally comes from the other podcast I host, Without Compromise. Check it out here: athleticbrewing.com/blogs/podcast
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