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Ep. 629: Leaving Alaska - Update - Kristin Knight Pace

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Not many people would go to Alaska during the winter, completely alone, to take care of a team of sled dogs to get over a recent divorce. However, that's exactly what Kristin did. That toughness eventually led her to become one of only 29 women to complete both the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest 1000-mile sled dog race.
Kristin is now remarried and has officially started a new journey, motherhood. Up until recently, she also works as a wilderness planner for Denali National Park and also wrote a book about her experiences, This Much Country, which made the New York Times summer reading list in 2019. It can be found following the link below or pretty much anywhere else you buy books (she asks that you support your local bookstore).
However, today’s episode is not about her life in Alaska. It’s about her and her family making the enormous change to restart their lives in Texas. Listen in to hear about how continuing to live in Alaska would have led to compromise and how a complete change in identity is sometimes the best direction to go. 
The book: This Much Country
Instagram: @heymoosekennel

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