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Ep. 632: World Record Highlining - Ari DeLashmutt

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The world of highlining is often misunderstood as simply walking from one point to another across a thin webbing hundreds of feet in the air. While it is that, it’s so much more. Ari does an amazing job illustrating, even for the totally unfamiliar, the thrill, focus, and adventure of being out there on the line.
Most of the episode revolves around him and his friend’s ridiculous accomplishment of highlinging 2 km across an abandoned asbestos mine in (appropriately enough) Asbestos, Quebec. 
The project was huge, ludicrous, and completely awesome. 
Instagram: @ariintheair
His colaboration with KEEN Footwear: www.keenfootwear.com/ambassadors/blog-article-18043.html
Personal website: ariintheair.com


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