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Ep. 633: Survivor Winner - Ethan Zohn

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Ethan knows what it takes to survive. He’s faced cancer twice, lost his father at the age of 14, had teammates die of AIDS while playing professional soccer in Africa, and has won the reality show Survivor: Africa
Today Ethan is joining Without Compromise to talk about what it means to survive difficult situations and ultimately use those tragedies for good in a principle he calls “never letting a crisis go to waste”. For example, when he won the $1 million prize for Survivor: Africa he decided to use the money to start Grassroot Soccer, an adolescent health organization that uses the popularity of soccer to educate at-risk youth all over the world. To date, they’ve educated over 2 million young people through their program.
Ethan was most recently on Survivor Season 40: Winners at War
Instagram: @ethanzohn
His websites:


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