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Ep. 634: Traveling to Every Country in the World on a Teacher Salary - Brian Asher

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After humble beginnings in the world of sports, Brian was introduced to summiting mountains, vast wilderness, and travel when he went to work at a summer camp in Colorado that changed his life forever. After that experience, as well as encouragement from his brother, he was eager to see more of the world. That’s when he took a solo trip to Central America just to experience the culture and scenery. 
He was hooked!
Brian quickly began traveling all over the world, racking up visits to dozens of countries in a relatively short amount of time. It wasn’t long before the idea to visit every country in the world became his pursuit.
Today is the story of how Biran did just that. Well, every country except one...
Instagram: @the.world.hiker
YouTube: The World Hiker
Facebook: @TheWorldHiker

Brian with monkeys in Brazil
From his website, theworldhiker.com "Hanging with spider monkeys deep in the Amazon Rainforest near Leticia, Colombia."


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