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Ep. 648: The Disappearance of Christine Boskoff - Johanna Garton

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Although Johanna and Christine grew up in the same town of Appleton, Wisconsin, their paths would never cross. That is, until one day Christine was featured in a local newspaper for disappearing on a remote mountain in western China. Johanna’s mother picked up the story and became somewhat consumed with Christine’s background and how this bright young woman from Appleton ended up on the world’s highest mountain. When her mother was no longer able to work on the book due to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, Johanna decided to pick up the story and turn it into Edge of the Map: The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff

In today’s episode, we’ll talk with Johanna about her life and what led her to pursue this story and what it was like for a non-climber to delve so deep into that world. 

You can find Edge of the Map at her website, JohannaGarton.com, or anywhere else you get books. Johanna and I ask that you consider supporting your local bookstore. 

Find out about her summer book club events here: https://johannagarton.com/new-events

Instagram: @johannagartonbooks

Facebook: @johannagarton

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