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Ep. 652: The Longest Canoe Trip Ever Done - Dana Starkell

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When 10-year-old Dana bought a book about Tarzan rather than a candy bar with his first $1 allowance, he had no idea just how fateful that decision would be.

After being inspired by the book he told his dad, Don, that he wanted to walk to the Amazon River. Don, being the imaginative adventurer that he was, took his son's request seriously and began planning what would become the world's longest-ever canoe trip

It would take 10 years before Don, Dana, and his brother, Jeff, would set out on their 12,000 mile, 2-year-long journey to the mouth of the Amazon River.

Jeff eventually dropped out of the adventure, but Don and Dana made it to the end, earning their induction into the Guinness Book of World Records for having completed the longest canoe journey ever, a distance of 12,181 miles (19,603 kilometers).

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A Canadian Family's Dangerous 12K-Mile 'Paddle To The Amazon ...


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