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Ep. 653: Backpacking Legend - Revisited - Andrew Skurka

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Originally aired March 8, 2019

Andrew is essentially a "professional backpacker" who is best known for his long-distance backpacking trips, many of which are firsts.

For instance, his 6,875-mile Great Western Loop, his 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route and his 4,679-mile "loop" of Alaska on foot, raft, and ski. He also has completed a plethora of shorter adventurers that would be on anyone's bucket list.

He's been considered the John Muir and Henry David Thoreau of Generation Y, was Backpacker Magazine Person of the Year, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, among other awards.  

However, today's episode is not specifically about those adventures, but about what life has been like after those achievements. How has he built a sustainable career from backpacking? What future adventures is he planning? Listen in to find out.


Instagram: @andrewskurka

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