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Ep. 654: The Backyard Adventurer - Beau Miles

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Beau has an incredible eye for turning the ordinary into extraordinary adventures. His stories, films, and upcoming book, The Backyard Adventurer, will make you want to get out of your chair and do something “different”. 

His projects are simple but profound. From deciding to walk to work, to making an office out of junk material, to kayaking across the Bass Straight from Australia to Tanzania, Beau’s outlook is a mix of Thoreau, Kerouac, with a lot more comedic relief!

Please be sure to check out his very entertaining YouTube channel here.

His book, The Backyard Adventurer, will be coming out March 1, 2021. Preorder it here: www.beaumiles.com

Instagram: @beauisms

Facebook: @beaumilesfilm

If you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to www.lost.travel and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.

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5 Questions For Adventure Kayaker Beau Miles - Paddling Magazine


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