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Ep. 662: Kayaking the 1,200-Mile Inside Passage - Revisited - Susan Marie Conrad

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Originally aired May 20, 2019

After spending 20 years in the kayaking industry, Susan was ready for a new challenge. Having the experience, the opportunity in life, as well as much of the gear from years of guiding, the Inside Passage along the western coast of Washington, British Colombia, and Alaska seemed like an adequate way to shake her life up.

Susan is a wonderful storyteller and we get a first-hand account of the life-changing expedition that only few can ever dream of achieving. From bears to storms to the friendliest of people, this adventure has it all.



Her book: Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage

Facebook: @susanmarieconrad

Instagram: @susanmarieconrad

Twitter: @SusanMConrad

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