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Ep. 664: Coast-To-Coast Bike Relay Update - Julie Engler

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Mason is still out on the road so today we’re doing another update from our ongoing coast-to-coast bike relay from our Connecticut to our San Diego brewery. 

Athletic Brewing Ambassador, Julie Engler, joined the ride for our Wyoming portion. The route she’s riding is much different than the one she trained for. Find out what it has been like for her to learn to let go of plans and take on adventures, wherever they might lead. 

You can find out more about our cross-country journey here

You can find out more about and donate to Julie’s fundraising efforts for Wyoming Pathways here.

Visit AthleticBrewing.com to find out more about their award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer.

If you’re ready to have your own adventure, head over to www.lost.travel and enter ADVENTURESPORTS for 10% off your next adventure.


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