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Ep. 666: Sailing & Kiteboarding in the Caribbean - Captain Steve Hooker

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 Steve Hooker is as Aussie as they come. His distinct accent and witty humor will have you hanging off his every word. Steve runs the only kiteboarding charter boat in the Caribbean, sharing his amazing lifestyle with people from around the world who have a passion for adventure and kiting! Together with his partner Monika, they have kite-surfed in some of the most epic locations on earth. Their adventure started in Greece in 2006 and since then they have sailed over 8000 nautical miles aboard their catamaran named Groovy. Steve can speak about his love for all things kiting, his adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, and his future plans to cross the Pacific. He can share what it’s like making a living on the water and how he’s managed to create his lifestyle of freedom and adventure. 

Find out more at sailingwildside.com

Sailing on the Wildside


  1. It was great listening to Steve! And it was quite interesting to learn about their life on a sailboat. This reminds me of my uncle, who had set sail on his rig with his group of friends. Watching them set sail has been a sort of inspiration, and believe me, I have already done adequate research about the rigs and other essential accessories. https://www.agatebaylodge.com is a great site that gives comprehensive insights into angling gears and other equipment.


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