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Ep. 676: Climbing 8,000-Meter Peaks in Winter - Bernadette McDonald

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After growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Bernadette got the taste of mountain living on a family trip to Banff, Alberta. She was so awestruck by the Canadian Rockies that she eventually moved there and worked at the Banff Centre, directing the Banff Mountain Festivals and starting a new division within the Centre – Mountain Culture at The Banff Centre. 

After 20 years of volunteering at the Banff Film Festival, she began getting involved in book projects through the Centre and eventually starting writing books about mountaineering history. 

Today’s episode features a discussion about Bearnadette’s latest book, Winter 8000: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains in the Coldest Season. It’s a harrowing tale of the history of winter ascents and what challenges are left to face in the world of 8,000-meter climbing!

Pick up a copy of Winter 8000 at Mountaineers.org

Learn more about Bernadette and her other books at BernadetteMcdonald.


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